Policy documents

Section 23 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 provides that policy documents are such of the following documents as are used by the agency in connection with the exercise of those functions of the agency that affect or are likely to affect rights, privileges or other benefits, or obligations, penalties or other detriments, to which members of the public are or may become entitled, eligible, liable or subject (but does not include a legislative instrument):

  1. a document concerning interpretations, rules, guidelines, statements of policy, practices or precedents,
  2. a document containing particulars of any administrative scheme,
  3. a document containing a statement of the manner, or intended manner, of administration of any legislative instrument or administrative scheme,
  4. a document describing the procedures to be followed in investigating any contravention or possible contravention of any legislative instrument or administrative scheme,
  5. any other document of a similar kind.

The Judicial Commission’s policy documents include: