Judicial Education

The New South Wales public expects judicial officers to be impartial, independent and perform to the highest professional standard. Judicial officers come to their role as highly skilled professionals so our program is designed to assist in their transition to the role as an impartial adjudicator. From there, we aim to continuously renew judicial skills and provide information about changes to the law, court procedure and community values.

Our judicial education program contributes to a better informed and more professional judiciary by:

  • promoting high standards of judicial performance
  • assisting in the development of appropriate judicial skills and values
  • keeping judicial officers up-to-date with current legal developments and emerging trends.

Conferences and seminars are organised on a regular basis to keep judicial officers up to date with current developments and emerging trends. The conference and seminar topics include areas identified as needing review or which have been affected by major changes in the law. They range from sessions on specific aspects of the law and legal procedure to judicial skills and socio-legal matters.