The role of the judge

Education DVD, 2004, 98 minutes, also available as a pdf

A joint production between the Judicial Commission and the Australian Institute of Judicial Administration, this DVD is not for sale. However, please click here for an Education Monograph of the same name.

education monograph 3 The role of the judge is an orientation DVD for judicial officers. It covers various components of judicial life and includes contributions from experienced judicial officers from around Australia who share their views on some important aspects of the judicial officer’s role and about the transition to the bench. The DVD is available to all new judicial officers in NSW upon their appointment.



  1. Welcome from Chief Justice Gleeson
  2. Some things that will change
    • Impact on social life
    • Attitudes to sitting on committees, holding shares, charities, sitting on boards
    • Contact with the media
    • Teaching and writing
    • Stresses of the job
  3. Court craft
    • General advice
    • Punctuality
    • Difficult witnesses
    • Intervention
    • Neutrality
    • Voice Projection
    • Contempt
    • Applications for disqualification
    • Getting advice
    • Non and poor English speakers
    • Interpreters
    • Unrepresented litigants
    • Bullying
    • Humour
    • How to deal with inappropriate behaviour
    • Children in court
  4. The process of judging
    • Credibility of witnesses
    • Judgment writing
  5. Why do I do this job?