JIRS statistics viewer and post-sentencing reform statistics

The statistics viewer on JIRS will be changed to accommodate the new community-based sentencing options which commenced from 24 September 2018.  On accessing the statistics, users will be directed to sentencing information for sentences imposed from 24 September 2018.  These will only display the penalty options available from that date.  It will be necessary to separately access the sentencing statistics for sentences imposed before 24 September 2018 and a link will be available from the statistics pages to access those statistics.  Additional features will also be available.  These include: the ability to filter statistics by case characteristic at a click; improved access to the legislation and maximum penalties; and better printing and email functions.

An announcement will be published on JIRS which will guide users to the new features on the statistics.

It is anticipated the Local Court statistics will be available from 18 July 2019.  Statistics for the Supreme and District Courts should be available by early August.

The Judicial Commission is looking at ways to improve the JIRS website and the presentation of the sentencing statistics.  If you have any comments about the statistics please email the Commission on: jirs@judcom.nsw.gov.au.