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Local Court Bench Book Update 153 published

Local Court Bench Book front cover
2 July 2024

Update 153 amends the Bench Book to update and revise various chapters and incorporate recent legislative developments. The following chapters have been revised:

Specific penalties and orders has been updated to incorporate:

Domestic violence offences

  • [5-500] Introduction and [5-600] Abusive behaviour towards intimate partners revised to incorporate the 1 July 2024 commencement of the offence of abusive behaviour towards intimate partners (s 54D of the Crimes Act 1900), inserted by Crimes Legislation Amendment (Coercive Control) Act 2022.


  • [20-300] Test to be applied updated to incorporate amendments made by Bail and Other Legislation Amendment (Domestic Violence) Act 2024 which commenced on 1 July 2024.

Children’s Court — criminal jurisdiction

  • [38-040] Bail updated to include reference to R v RB [2024] NSWSC 471 where the Court held s 22C applies when the offence for which bail is being sought is alleged to have been committed after the provision commenced, and R v KO [2024] NSWSC 679 where the Court held s 22C does not apply to an attempted offence. Also updated to include a reference to the Children’s Court bail guidelines.

Non-publication and suppression orders

  • [62-040] Table A — Automatic non-publication/suppression provisions reviewed and updated
  • [62-040] Table B — Non-publication/suppression provisions requiring a court order reviewed and updated
  • [62-080] Table C — Commonwealth suppression and non-publication provisions reviewed and updated.

Local Court Practice Notes

The Index, Table of Cases and Table of Statutes have been updated to Update 153.