Post-sentencing reform statistics and enhanced statistics viewer on JIRS

The Judicial Commission has launched an enhanced statistics viewer to accommodate the new community based sentencing options which came into effect on 24 September 2018. The post-reform sentencing statistics for the Local Court are available now and it is anticipated that the statistics for the District and Supreme Courts will be available in August.

Below is an image of the enhanced viewer displaying post-reform Local Court statistics for the offence of common assault (Crimes Act 1900, s 61) as an example. The new viewer will default to post-reform statistics where relevant data is available. A link is available at the top of the page to access pre-reform statistics and vice versa.

In addition to various changes to enhance functionality, the enhanced viewer contains the following additional features:

  • the ability to filter statistics by case characteristic and type of penalty at a click
  • improved access to the relevant legislation and maximum penalties
  • better printing and email functions
  • the provision of a link to the “Explaining the Statistics” section of JIRS.

Enhanced Statistics Viewer Screenshot