Annual Report 2016-17

Judicial Commission of New South Wales This annual report summarises the activities and performance of the Judicial Commission of NSW for 2016–17 against our goals, strategies and targets. We also outline our strategic focus for 2017–18. This and earlier annual reports are available on our public website at Who we are The Judicial Commission of NSW is an independent statutory corporation established under the Judicial Officers Act 1986. We report to the Parliament of NSW. What we do Judicial officers make decisions each day which can have a profound impact on a person and/or a business. A judicial decision can send a person to gaol or otherwise affect a person’s liberty, reputation and family relationships. It can prevent or create financial hardships. To ensure that judicial decision-making is based on current law and that judicial knowledge and skills are of the highest calibre, we provide a continuing education program for the judicial officers of NSW, we publish information about civil and criminal law with a focus on sentencing to assist the courts to achieve consistency in imposing sentences. We examine complaints about a judicial officer’s ability or behaviour. We also share our knowledge and experience with the global network of judiciaries and judicial education providers. Our governance An independent Commission of 10 members provides governance and examines all complaints. The Chief Executive, supported by the Deputy Chief Executive and 2 directors, is responsible for our daily operations. See pp 17–18 for their profiles and achievements. Our mission To promote the highest standards of judicial behaviour, performance and decision making. Our values Interconnection — to work constructively and cooperatively with our partners. Professionalism — to be recognised for our integrity, independence, and the high quality services we deliver. Enhancement — to continually evaluate and improve the way we deliver our programs. Sustainability — to be aware of the way our operations and programs impact on people, the environment and the economy. Our partners and the community We provide services to the judicial officers and people of NSW, the courts, the legal profession, other justice sector agencies, law libraries and law students. We share our experience with other Australasian and overseas judicial education providers and judiciaries. Our structure The Commission has 3 operational areas — continuing judicial education, research and sentencing, and complaints. See our organisational structure on p 2 and our services delivery chart on p 3. Our resources Staff — 34 full-time equivalent staff at the Commission at 30 June 2017. See p 63. Revenue — $6.766 million (last year: $3.75 million) revenue from the NSW Government. The increase in revenue was due to capital allocation for the new office fit out and the reversion of recurrent allocation following NSW Treasury cash management reforms in 2015–16. See p 85. Other revenue — $812,000 from other revenue including $773,000 in self-generated revenue. See p 85. Our vision The people of NSW will have confidence in the exceptional ability and performance of judicial officers who: have a high calibre of judicial knowledge and skills achieve consistency in imposing sentences behave ethically and impartially in their judicial role.