Child Protection (Offenders Prohibition Orders) Act 2004 No 46


As amended to Terrorism (High Risk Offenders) Act 2017 (No 68). Sch 2.3 commenced 19 January 2018. Current to 14 August 2018.


Section 20: Proceedings for an offence against this Act or the regulation may be dealt with summarily by the Local Court.

Section 13: Table 2 offence dealt with on indictment unless the prosecution elects otherwise.


Section 5: The Local Court may make a child protection prohibition order prohibiting a person from engaging in conduct specified in the order if it is satisfied that the person is a registrable person and that, on the balance of probabilities there is reasonable cause to believe, having regard to the nature and pattern of conduct of the person, that the person poses a risk to the lives or sexual safety of one or more children, or children generally, and the making of the order will reduce that risk. The Local Court may also make interim prohibition orders under s 7.

Section 6: The Local Court must specify the term of a prohibition order (other than an interim prohibition order) being a term of not more than 5 yrs or, in the case of a young registrable person, not more than 2 yrs, after it is made.

13 Breach of prohibition order 100 pu and/or 2 yrs

[500 pu and/or 5 yrs]


Child Protection (Offenders Prohibition Orders) Regulation 2018


Commenced 1 September 2018. Current to 1 September 2018.

9(1) Publication of information that identifies a person who is subject to a corresponding prohibition order, or person at risk because of conduct prohibited by a corresponding prohibition order 50 pu