Coroners Act 2009 No 41


As amended to Miscellaneous Acts Amendment (Marriages) Act 2018 (No 28). Commenced 15 June 2018. Current to 14 August 2018.


Section 106: Proceedings for an offence under this Act or the regulations may be dealt with summarily before the Local Court.

35(2) Fail to report death/suspected death to police officer or coroner 10 pu
44 Obstruct/hinder person executing coronial investigation scene order 100 pu and/or 2 yrs
53(5) Fail to produce document/thing after service of coroner’s notice 10 pu
62 Witness fail to take oath or affirmation/answer question/produce document 10 pu
74(3) Contravene coroner’s order to clear court/evidence at inquest not be published Corp 50 pu;
Indiv 10 pu or 6 mths
75(7) Contravene non-publication order/publish report of proceedings after finding of self-inflicted death without coroner’s permission Corp 50 pu;
Indiv 10 pu or 6 mths
76 Publish questions/warnings/objections/incriminating evidence at inquest w/o coroner’s permission Corp 50 pu;
Indiv 10 pu or 6 mths
100(1) Bury/cremate human remains w/o authorisation 50 pu
100(2) Deliver/hand over human remains for anatomical/medical research or remove from State w/o authorisation 50 pu
103A Disrespectful behaviour in coronial proceedings 14 days imp or 10 pu or