Electricity Supply Act 1995 No 94

This table of maximum penalties is populated using Lawcodes data. For more information, see Changes to Specific Penalties and Orders at the end of the introduction.


With the exception of offences committed by individuals under s 64 (see s 64(4)), proceedings for an offence under the Act or the regulations are to be dealt with summarily before the Local Court: s 185(1). Proceedings may instead be dealt with summarily before the Supreme Court in its summary jurisdiction: s 185(2).

The maximum penalty that may be imposed by the Local Court in proceedings for an offence (subject to ss 64 and 65) is 100 pu (in the case of a corporation) and 50 pu (in any other case): s 185(4).

Offences committed under ss 64 and 65 by an individual are indictable offences: ss 64(2) and 65(2). Offences under ss 64 or 65 by a corporation are to be dealt with summarily.