Electricity Supply Act 1995 No 94


As amended to Government Sector Finance Legislation (Repeal and Amendment) Act 2018 (No 70). Sch 4.31 commenced 1 July 2019. Current to 1 July 2019.


With the exception of offences committed by individuals under s 64 (see s 64(4)), proceedings for an offence under the Act or the regulations are to be dealt with summarily before the Local Court: s 185(1). Proceedings may instead be dealt with summarily before the Supreme Court in its summary jurisdiction: s 185(2).

The maximum penalty that may be imposed by the Local Court in proceedings for an offence (subject to ss 64 and 65) is 100 pu (in the case of a corporation) and 50 pu (in any other case): s 185(4).

Offences committed under ss 64 and 65 by an individual are indictable offences: ss 64(2) and 65(2). Offences under ss 64 or 65 by a corporation are to be dealt with summarily.


Where applicable, the maximum penalty for an offence dealt with on indictment is indicated in square brackets in the Penalty (Max) column.

31(A) A person must not provide a contestable network service
unless accredited

Corp 100 pu*

[500 pu]

64(1) Theft of electricity Corp 100 pu*; Summary
Indiv 100 pu and/or 2 yrs

[100 pu and/or 5 yrs]

65(1) Interference with electricity works Corp 100 pu*; Summary
Indiv 100 pu* and/or 2 yrs

[Corp 4000 pu; Indiv 200 pu and/or 5 yrs]

65A(1) Enter/climb or be on electricity works without authority 10 pu and/or 3 mths    
66 Alter or interfere with meter without authority Corp 100 pu*;
Indiv 50 pu* and/or 2 yrs
68 Connect an electrical installation to distribution system Corp 100 pu*;
Indiv 50 pu* and/or 2 yrs
70 Alter or add to electricity installation for metering Corp 100 pu*;
Indiv 50 pu* and/or 2 yrs

Maximum penalty in the Local Court: s 185(4).