Gaming Machines Act 2001 No 127


As amended to Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2019 (No 1). Commenced 1 July 2019. Current to 1 July 2019.


Section 197(1): Proceedings for an offence under the Act or regulations are to be dealt with summarily before the Local Court.

Time for commencement

Section 197(2): Proceedings for an offence under the Act or the regulations may be commenced within but not later than 12 mths after the date on which the offence is alleged to have been committed.

Liability of Directors

Section 199A: If a corporation commits a “corporate offence” a director who aids, abets, counsels, procures, induces, conspires in the commission of the corporate offence is liable to the same penalty for the offence if committed by an individual.

43(1) Publish gaming machine advertising 100 pu
44(1) Display gambling sign outside/in vicinity of hotel/club; inside, visible outside 100 pu
45A(2), (3) Disclosure of information in player activity statement by hotelier, club or others 100 pu
45B(3) Disclosure of information in relation to players 100 pu
46(1) Failure of hotelier/club to provide for problem gambling counselling 100 pu
46(3) Hotelier/club fail to provide evidence of gambling counselling arrangements 100 pu
47A(1) Accept transfer of prize-winning cheque 100 pu
49B, 49C, 49D Responsible conduct of gambling training Indiv: 50 pu; Corp: 250 pu
50(1) Minor operate gaming machine in hotel/club 10 pu
51(1) Hotelier, club, secretary liable for operation of gaming machine by minor 50 pu
52(1) Minor enter/being in club gaming machine area 10 pu
52(2) Fail to remove minor from club’s gaming machine area 50 pu
52(3) Member liable for guest minor being in gaming machine area 20 pu
53(2) Minor refuses/fails to state name and address/produce evidence of age 10 pu
68(a) Locate more than 5 gaming machines in general bar area 100 pu
68(b) Fail to ensure gaming machines are located in gaming room 100 pu
68A(1) Fail to locate and operate gaming machines in bar area 100 pu
75A Fail to pay prizes from gaming machines 100 pu and/or 12 mths
80(1), (3)–(7) Interferences with machine, cheating 100 pu and/or 12 mths
80A Person falsely claim gaming machine prize 100 pu
81A(1) Unauthorised destruction of approved gaming machine 100 pu and/or 12 mths
139(2) Centralised monitoring system licensee must not use or divulge CMS information without ministerial consent or otherwise than in accordance with the CMS licence 100 pu
139(3) A person to whom CMS information is divulged by a CMS licensee must not use or divulge CMS information otherwise than in accordance with the Act or regulations, or any terms or conditions under which the information was provided to the person 50 pu
210(3) Regulations may create offences 50 pu