Home Building Act 1989 No 147


As amended to Government Sector Finance Legislation (Repeal and Amendment) Act 2018 (No 70). Sch 3.32 commenced 1 December 2018. Current to 4 December 2018.


Section 139(1): Proceedings for an offence against this Act are to be dealt with:


summarily before the Local Court


summarily before the Supreme Court in its summary jurisdiction.

Section 139(1B): Proceedings for an offence against the regulations are to be dealt with summarily before the Local Court.

Section 139(1A): If proceedings are brought in the Local Court, the maximum penalty the Local Court may impose is 200 pu

Section 126(4): An authorised person may apply to an authorised officer for the issue of a search warrant if the person has reasonable grounds for believing that a provision of this Act or the regulations, or of a statutory instrument made under any other Act, being a provision that relates to residential building work or specialist work, has been or is being contravened in any dwelling.

Time for commencement

Section 139(2): Any such proceedings must be commenced by an information laid within 3 years after the commission of the offence.

4(1)–(4) Unlicensed contracting for residential building work or specialist work Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
5(1), (2) Seeking work by and for an unlicensed person Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
7A Contract to do work where contract does not comply with ss 7, 7AAA and 7E Corp 80 pu; Other 40 pu
7B Holder of licence fail to provide party with copy in 5 days Corp 80 pu; Other 40 pu
8(1) Demand payment before work commenced/contract to receive on deposit exceeding prohibited amount Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
12 Undertake unlicensed residential building work or specialist work Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
13(1) Undertake unqualified residential building work Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
14(1) Undertake unqualified electrical work Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
15 Undertake refrigeration or air-conditioning work Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
17(1), (2) Misrepresentations re contractor licences or certificates Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
42A(7) Failure to lodge suspended licence with Secretary Corp 40 pu*; Indiv 20 pu
44(1) Failure to lodge cancelled authority with Secretary Corp 40 pu*; Indiv 20 pu
66(1) Failure to return suspended, varied or cancelled
authority to Secretary within specified period
Corp 40 pu*; Indiv 20 pu
92(1) Do residential building work w/o insurance w/o supplying insurance cert. Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
92(2) Demand/receive payment for building w/o insurance/ w/o supplying insurance cert Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
96A(1) Developer enter into contract for sale of land w/o insurance cert attached Corp 200 pu*; Indiv 200 pu
[1000 pu]
140 Regulations may create offence Corp 200 pu; Indiv 100 pu

Maximum penalty in the Local Court: s 139(1A).