Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 No 33


As amended to Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (No 2) 2017 (No 63). Sch 4.23 commenced 14 January 2018. Current to 17 August 2018.


Section 8: All penalties under this Act may be recovered before the Local Court.

4(1)(a) Enter/remain on prescribed premises without lawful excuse 10 pu
4(1)(b) Enter/remain on non-prescribed premises without lawful excuse 5 pu
4AA(1) Enter event venue in contravention of a re-entry prohibition direction 10 pu
4A(1)(a) Offensive conduct while upon prescribed inclosed lands 20 pu
4A(1)(b) Offensive conduct while upon non-prescribed premises 10 pu
4B(1) Aggravated unlawful entry on inclosed lands, interference with the conduct of a business undertaking or do anything that gives rise to a serious risk to the safety of the person or any other person 50 pu
5(1) Enter inclosed lands and wilfully/negligently leave gate open 2 pu
5(2) Enter road inclosed with lands through gate, leave same open 2 pu
6(2) Give false name or place of address on apprehension for unlawful entry 0.5 pu