Passenger Transport Act 2014 No 46


As amended to Transport Administration Amendment (Sydney Metro) Act 2018 (No 18). Commenced 1 July 2018. Current to 21 August 2018.


With the exception of Pt 1 (other than s 7), Pts 9, 10 (other than ss 173 and 179), Pts 2 and 3 of Sch 1, Sch 2 and cll 1–3, 10 and 15 of Sch 3, (which commenced on 1 December 2014; Div 1 of Pt 3, (which commenced 1 March 2016); Divs 1–3 of Pt 7 and cl 12 of Sch 3 (12 December 2014); s 179 to the extent that it repeals Pt 3 and Div 2 of Pt 5 of the Passenger Transport Act 1990, cl 11 of Sch 3 and Sch 4.5 (1 March 2016), the Act has not fully commenced. The Passenger Transport Act 1990 (No 39) remains in effect (see above) apart from those provisions repealed by Act (No 46) of 2014.


Section 167(1): Proceedings for an offence against the Act or regulations may be dealt with summarily before the Local Court or before the Supreme Court in its summary jurisdiction.

Section 167(2): The maximum monetary penalty that may be imposed by the Local Court for an offence under the Act or regulations is 500 pu despite any higher maximum monetary penalty provided in respect of the offence.

Time for commencement

Section 167(3): Proceedings for an offence may be commenced not later than one year after the date alleged to be the date on which the offence was committed.

39 Public passenger services must operate under the authority of a passenger service contract. 500 pu*
[1000 pu]
41, 42 Operator of regulated air route must be licensed and comply with license conditions. 500 pu*
[1000 pu]
57, 58 Driver for public passenger service must be licensed and comply with license conditions. 100 pu
125(6) Demanding fares in excess of that determined by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Act 1992 (s 123(1)) 100 pu
131 Operator of a bus service must comply with RMS request for information. 500 pu*
132 Operator of a bus service must report any notifiable occurrence to the RMS. 100 pu
144 Failure by witnesses at transport safety inquiries to give evidence
or produce documents.

Corp 500 pu; 2nd off 500* pu
[750 pu]

Indiv 250 pu; 2nd off 375 pu

160 Offences relating to hindering or obstructing inspections or investigations. Corp 500 pu*
[1000 pu]
Indiv 500 pu
161 Offences relating to the fraudulent use of accreditation. 20 pu
162 Failure to comply with a request by an authorised officer to provide full name and residential address 5 pu
163 Advertising any service involving the use of a vehicle without appropriate accreditation. 50 pu
164 Failure to return accreditation, driver authority or licence to the RMS after suspension or cancellation. 25 pu
173 Requirement for operators of ferry services to prepare and implement drug and alcohol programs for transport safety employees. 500 pu

Maximum penalty in the Local Court: s 167(2).