Security Industry Act 1997 No 157


As amended to Security Industry Amendment Act 2017 (No 16). Commenced 9 May 2017. Current to 24 August 2018.


Section 45(1): Proceedings for an offence under this Act or the regulations may be disposed of summarily before the Local Court.

Time for commencement

Section 45(2): Proceedings must be commenced not later than 3 yrs from when the offence was alleged to have been committed.

Liability of directors

Section 44: If a corporation commits a “corporate offence” a director who aids, abets, counsels or procures, induces, conspires in the commission of the corporate offence is liable to the same penalty for the offence if committed by an individual.

7(1) Employ or provide persons to carry on security activities not holder of master licence/number of persons exceed those authorised Corp 1000 pu; Indiv 500 pu and/or 2 yrs
7(2) Unlicensed person carrying on security activity 500 pu and/or 2 yrs
27A(3) Persons or organisations approved to provide training, assessment and instruction must comply with conditions imposed by the Commissioner Corp 200 pu; Indiv 50 pu
29B(1) Holder of Class 1 or 2 licence carry on security activity unless holder of master licence, or employed by master licensee 500 pu and/or 2 yrs
30 Contravention of conditions of licence Corp 200 pu; Indiv 100 pu and/or 6 mths
31 Fail to immediately surrender suspended or revoked licence Corp 200 pu; Indiv 100 pu and/or 6 mths
32(1) Unlicensed person advertise carrying on security activity Corp 200 pu; Indiv 100 pu and/or 6 mths
32(2) Licensee fail to ensure that advertisement contains number of licence Corp 200 pu; Indiv 100 pu and/or 6 mths
33(1) Falsely induce agreement or contract Corp 200 pu; Indiv 100 pu and/or 6 mths
33(2) Make false or misleading statement in application etc 50 pu
34 Use/attempt to use licence to exercise functions apart from those authorised 50 pu
35 Fail to produce licence on demand 50 pu
36(1) Licensee fail to wear clearly visible original of licence 50 pu
37 Sell/dispose etc/permit other to use licence Corp 200 pu; Indiv 100 pu and/or 6 mths
38(1) Licensee/provisional licensee delegate security activity to non-licence holder 40 pu
38C Roster or schedule person to carry on security activity when not eligible to hold licence by reason of s 16 100 pu and/or 6 mths
39(1) Master licensee provide unlicensed persons Corp 1000 pu; Indiv 500 pu and/or 2 yrs
48(3) Regulations may create offences Corp 100 pu; Indiv 50 pu

Security Industry Regulation 2016


As amended to Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Sentencing Options) Act 2017 (No 53). Commenced 24 September 2018. Current to 28 September 2018.

19(1) Fail to notify re lost, stolen or mutilated licence Corp 40 pu; Indiv 10 pu
40(5) Failure to wear uniform as determined by the Commissioner 10 pu
40(6) Failure by employer to ensure staff wear uniform as determined Corp 20 pu; Indiv 10 pu
40(8) Failure to modify uniform as notified by the Commissioner Corp 40 pu; Indiv 20 pu
41(1) Deliberately or recklessly destroy, edit, alter, erase security recording 50 pu
42 Impersonate, or represent to be, a licensee 50 pu