Summary Offences Act 1988 No 25


As amended to Criminal Legislation Amendment (Child Sexual Abuse) Act 2018 (No 33). Sch 5.12 commenced 1 December 2018. Current to 30 November 2018.


Section 32: Proceedings for an offence under this Act may be taken before the Local Court.

Compensation: Cost of repair

Section 33: A person convicted under this Act is liable to pay an amount not exceeding 20 pu towards the repair or restoration of any damage caused by the action which resulted in the conviction.


Section 31: Evidence that a certain place appeared at the time of the alleged offence to be a road or road related area or public place, or a dwelling, school, church or hospital, is prima facie evidence of that fact.

4(1) Behave in offensive manner in/near public place/school 6 pu or 3 mths
4A(1) Use offensive language in/near public place/school 6 pu or CCO/CSO*
(100 hrs: see s 4A(3) and (6))
5 Wilful and obscene exposure in/near public place/school 10 pu or 6 mths
6 Wilfully prevent free passage of person/vehicle/vessel 4 pu
6A Enter vehicle or boat without consent of owner/occupier 4 pu
7(a) Wilfully damage/deface fountain erected in public place 4 pu
7(b) Enter upon any part of fountain erected in a public place 4 pu
7(c) Cause foreign material to enter fountain in a public place 4 pu
8(2) Wilfully damage/deface any protected place 40 pu or CCO/CSO* (s 8(3A))

See s 30A compensation 20 pu

8(3) Commit nuisance/offensive or indecent act in or on war memorial 20 pu or CCO/CSO* (s 8(3A))

See s 30A compensation 20 pu

8A(1) Climbing or jumping from buildings etc 10 pu and/or 3 mths
9 Continuation of intoxicated and disorderly behaviour following move on direction 15 pu
11(1) Person under 18 yrs consume/possess liquor in public place $20

Note s 30 no detention if penalty not paid

11(5B) Under age drinker refuse name; address to police/state false name etc; fail produce evidence age $20

Note s 30 no detention if penalty not paid

11A(1) 3 or more people threaten/use violence/cause fear 10 pu or 6 mths
11B(1) Have custody of offensive implement in public place/school 50 pu or 2 yrs (+ forfeiture of implement)
11C(1) Custody of knife in public place/school 20 pu and/or 2 yrs
11D(1) Parent permit child to carry knife 5 pu
11E(1)(a) Wielding of knives in public place/school 50 pu or 2 yrs
11E(1)(b) Carry a knife that is visible in a public place/school 50 pu or 2 yrs
11F(1) Sell knife to person aged under 16 yrs 50 pu
11FA(1) Have custody of/use laser pointer in public place 50 pu and/or 2 yrs
11G(1) Convicted child sexual offender loiter near school/public place 100 pu and/or 2 yrs
11H(1)(a) Operate vehicle/vessel so as to harass/intimidate person 6 pu
11H(1)(b) Operate vehicle/vessel causing other concern for safety 6 pu
15(1) Knowingly live on earnings of other’s prostitution 10 pu or 12 mths
15A(1) Coerce or by undue influence cause another to prostitution 50 pu and/or 12 mths
15A(2) Cause another to surrender proceeds of prostitution 50 pu and/or 12 mths
16 Solicit in massage parlours/photographic studios etc 5 pu or 3 mths
17(1) Owner etc of massage etc premises allow prostitution 50 pu or 12 mths
18 Advertise premises used for prostitution/erect sign 6 pu or 3 mths
18A Publish ad for a prostitute 10 pu or 3 mths
19(1), (2) Prostitute solicit another for prostitution near/in/within view of prescribed premises 6 pu or 3 mths
19(3) Prostitute harass/solicit another for prostitution near prescribed premises 8 pu or 3 mths
19A(1), (2) Client solicit for prostitution in/in view of dwelling/church/hospital 6 pu or 3 mths
19A(3) Client solicit in manner that distresses/harasses 8 pu or 3 mths
20(1) Participate in prostitution in/near prescribed premises/within view of dwelling 10 pu or 6 mths
20(2)(a) Take part in prostitution in vehicle in/near prescribed premises 10 pu or 6 mths
20(2)(b) Within view from dwelling participate in prostitution in vehicle 10 pu or 6 mths
21D(1) Person engaged in operation of declared sex club permit minor to enter/remain 20 pu
21E(1)(a) Manager not display notice minor not permitted in sex club 20 pu
21E(1)(b) Manager not display minors notice at entrance as prescribed 20 pu
21F(4) Obstruct/delay police officer in execution of power 50 pu
28J(2) Enter private land to hunt animal without consent of owner 20 pu and/or 12 mths
* Community correction order made under s 8 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 subject to standard conditions and to a community service work condition (despite the offence not being punishable by imprisonment), or a community service order under s 5(1) Children (Community Service Orders) Act 1987.