Tow Truck Industry Act 1998 No 111


As amended to Government Sector Finance Legislation (Repeal and Amendment) Act 2018 (No 70). Sch 3.60 commenced 1 December 2018. Current to 4 December 2018.


Section 87(1): Proceedings for an offence under this Act or the regulations are to be dealt with summarily before the Local Court.

Time for commencement

Section 87(2): Proceedings for an offence under this Act or the regulations may be commenced at any time within 2 yrs after the earliest date on which the offence is alleged to have been committed.

Offences by corporations

Section 88(1): Liability of directors and those involved in management where corporation contravenes provision of the Act or regulations.

15 Unlicensed tow truck operator 100 pu and/or 12 mths
23(1) Tow truck driver not hold drivers certificates 50 pu and/or 6 mths
23(2) Certified driver carry out unauthorised towing work 50 pu and/or 6 mths
36 False or misleading statements in application for licence or drivers certificate 50 pu and/or 6 mths
37(1) Licensee/certified driver fail to notify RTA of change in particulars 25 pu
49(1) Driver carry out towing work without towing authorisation 50 pu
49A Person attempt obtain towing authorisation for a vehicle when another already has authorisation for that vehicle 20 pu
50(1) Person obtain/attempt obtain authorisation when not in compliance with section 50 pu
51(2) Not tow vehicle according to authorisation 50 pu
51(3) Not tow vehicle to destination specified in authorisation 50 pu
51(4) Not ensure towing authority complete/dealt with as required 50 pu
53 Alter towing authority after it has been signed 50 pu
56(1) Use prohibited tow truck 100 pu and/or 12 mths
57(2) Licensee sell/transfer number-plates 25 pu
58(1) Licensee contravene condition of licence 50 pu and/or 6 mths
58(2) Certified driver contravene condition of drivers certificate 50 pu and/or 6 mths
59 Tow truck operator employs unqualified driver 50 pu
60(2) Licensee fail to keep certain records 50 pu
60(3) Licensee fail to keep records in approved form 50 pu
60(4) Licensee fail to keep records at place of business for at least 5 yrs 50 pu
60(5) Licensee fail to provide records when licence revoked, suspended or not in force 50 pu
60(6) Licensee fail to provide authorised officer/police officer with name/address of tow truck driver 50 pu
61(1) Give/receive valuable thing for information re accident etc 25 pu
61(2) Offer inducement for repair work 100 pu and/or 12 mths
61(3) Offer inducement for towing work 50 pu
62(1) Obtain another person’s authority to repair 50 pu and/or 6 mths
63(1) Tout/solicit for towing work within 500 metres of accident 50 pu
63A Tout/solicit for repair work within 500 metres of accident 50 pu
64(1), (2) Threaten/intimidate/coerce for towing work/prevent compliance with Act/regs 100 pu and/or 12 mths
65 Fail to clean up accident scene 10 pu
66(1) Fail to comply with directions at scene of accident 50 pu
67(1) Unauthorised passengers in tow trucks 50 pu
67(2) Tow truck driver permit unauthorised passenger 50 pu
68 Stand tow truck within 500 meters of accident scene 50 pu
69 Certified driver fails to wear driver’s certificate 25 pu
70(1) Licensee fails to produce licence at place of business 25 pu
70(2) Driver fails to produce copy of licence on demand 25 pu
70(3) Driver fails to have certificate in immediate possession or produce as soon as practicable 25 pu
71(1) Advertise unlicensed tow truck operator 50 pu
71(2) Advertisement lacks licence number 50 pu
72(1) Unlicensed person hold out as licensee 75 pu and/or 6 mths
72(2) Unlicensed person hold out as holder of drivers certificate 25 pu
73(1) Fail to return licence, driver’s certificate when revoked, suspended or not in force 25 pu
73(2) Fail to return number-plates when not in force (after 28 days) 25 pu
74 Licensee/certified driver abuse conferred authority 50 pu
75 Impersonate an authorised officer 50 pu and/or 6 mths
85(1) Neglect or fail to comply with requirements under Pt 5 Div 1 75 pu and/or 6 mths
85(2) Furnish false or misleading information or records as required by Pt 5 Div 1 75 pu and/or 6 mths
85(3) Delay/obstruct/hinder authorised officer/police officer in exercise of functions Pt 5 Div 1, etc 75 pu and/or 6 mths
99 Unauthorised disclosure of information 50 pu and/or 6 mths
105 Regulations may create offences 50 pu

Tow Truck Industry Regulation 2008


As amended to Tow Truck Industry Amendment (Fees) Regulation 2018 (No 746). Commenced 14 December 2018. Current to 18 December 2018.

28 Fail to leave accident scene once authorisations obtained 50 pu
41 Incite/encourage/offer inducement to person to commit offence under Act/regs 50 pu
42 Forge/fraudulently alter licence/drivers certificate; other misuses in relation thereto 50 pu
43(a) Not notify lost/stolen/damaged etc licence/certificate 5 pu
43(b) Not return damaged/altered etc licence/certificate to RTA 20 pu
48(1)(a) Tow truck driver not behave in orderly and civil manner 25 pu
48(1)(b), (c) Tow truck driver not comply with requirement of authorised officer/emergency officer’s request 50 pu
51(1) Fail to include all prescribed material in invoice 10 pu
51(2) Licensee require payment without issue of specified invoice 10 pu
51(3) Include false/misleading material in invoice 50 pu
51(4) Fail to keep/produce/allow copies of invoices to authorised officer 10 pu