Form of address in court

Local Court Practice Note No 1 of 2004

Issued 1 April 2004

The Honourable James Jacob Spigelman AC, Chief Justice of New South Wales and the Honourable Robert John Debus MP, Attorney General of New South Wales have approved a change of the address for magistrates in court from “Your Worship” to “Your Honour”.

The address “Your Worship” is antiquated and creates confusion with the titles of other judicial officers. This change of address is intended to promote uniformity between jurisdictions in New South Wales, to remove confusion for members of the public and to recognise the judicial office of magistrates.

As and from 3 May 2004, magistrates are to be addressed in court as “Your Honour” and not as “Your Worship”.


This Practice Note applies to all courts in New South Wales in which magistrates preside.


Judge D Price
Chief Magistrate