Sexual Assault Trials Handbook Update 21 published

Update 21 to the Handbook contains amendments to:

[6-000] Recent Cases

The High Court decision The Queen v Dennis Bauer (a pseudonym) (2018) 92 ALJR 846, regarding admission of tendency evidence and suggested jury directions in single complainant sexual offences cases where evidence of uncharged acts is admitted as tendency evidence, has been added.

[10-500] Important general directions in sexual assault trials

Context/tendency evidence has been updated to reflect the High Court decision The Queen v Dennis Bauer (a pseudonym) [2018] HCA 40, where, in the course of its reasons, the High Court set out, at [86], the directions which should ordinarily be given to a jury in a single complainant sexual offences case where the Crown is permitted to adduce evidence of uncharged acts as evidence the accused had a sexual interest in the complainant and a tendency to act upon it.