Judicial Officers and the Judicial Commission of New South Wales

This Bench Book was produced by the Judicial Commission of New South Wales.

The Commission thanks all the members of the Civil Trials Bench Book Advisory Committee for the generous donation of their time, support, energy, expertise and diligent advice:

  • The Honourable Justice Peter Garling RFD, Supreme Court (Chair)

  • The Honourable Justice Rowan Darke, Supreme Court

  • His Honour Judge Ross Letherbarrow SC, District Court

  • His Honour Judge Richard Weinstein, SC, District Court

  • The Honourable Michael Campbell QC, Consultant

  • Her Honour Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson, Local Court

  • Her Honour Magistrate Susan McIntyre, Local Court

  • Mr Ernest Schmatt AM PSM, Chief Executive, Judicial Commission

  • Ms Una Doyle, Director, Education, Judicial Commission


We wish to thank each of the following consultant authors and former members of the Civil Trials Bench Book Advisory Committee for their valuable contribution:

  • The Honourable James Wood AO QC

  • The Honourable David Hunt AO QC

  • The Honourable John Dunford QC

  • The Honourable Justice Cliff Hoeben AM RFD, Supreme Court

  • The Honourable Justice John Hislop, Supreme Court

  • The Honourable Hal Sperling QC

  • The Honourable Michael Campbell QC

  • Her Honour Judge Margaret Sidis

  • His Honour Judge Nigel Rein SC

  • His Honour Judge Peter Johnstone

  • His Honour Magistrate Brian Lulham

  • His Honour Magistrate Hugh Dillon

  • His Honour Magistrate David Heilpern, Local Court

  • His Honour Magistrate Christopher O’Brien, Local Court (as he then was)

  • His Honour Judge Garry Neilson, District Court

  • The Honourable Justice François Kunc, Supreme Court

We also wish to thank the following authors:

Chapter 2 — Procedure generally

  • The Honourable Justice P Biscoe, Land and Environment Court

  • Her Honour Judge L Ashford, District Court

  • Her Honour Judge J Gibson, District Court

  • His Honour Judge G Neilson, District Court

  • Ms Kate Lumley, Judicial Commission

Chapter 4 — Evidence

  • The Honourable D Hunt AO QC, Consultant

  • The Honourable A Whealy QC, Consultant

Chapter 5 — Particular proceedings

  • Mr C Wood, Wentworth Chambers

  • His Honour Judge L Levy, District Court

  • Her Honour Judge J Gibson, District Court

  • The Honourable Justice P Brereton AM RFD, Supreme Court

  • The Honourable Justice D Davies, Supreme Court

  • The Honourable Justice P McClellan AM, Supreme Court

  • The Honourable A Whealy QC, Consultant

  • His Honour Judge P Johnstone, President of the Children’s Court

  • The Honourable M Campbell QC, Consultant

  • The Honourable Justice C Adamson, Supreme Court

  • His Honour Judge M Dicker SC, District Court

Chapter 6 — Personal injuries

  • His Honour Judge Scotting, District Court

Chapter 7 — Damages

  • Her Honour M Sidis, Consultant

Chapter 8 — Costs

  • Her Honour Judge J Gibson, District Court

Chapter 10 — Contempt

  • Mr D Norris, Crown Solicitors Office (NSW)

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The Commission also wishes to thank the contributors to, and publishers of:

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Production staff

We wish to thank the following Judicial Commission staff:

  • Ms Anne Murphy, Senior Legal Editor

  • Ms Fleur Findlay, Senior Legal Editor

  • Ms Dominique Cornelia, Analyst Programmer

  • Ms Maree D’Arcy, Librarian