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Judicial Information Research System (JIRS)

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About JIRS

The Judicial Information Research System (JIRS) is an online database.

Developed by the Judicial Commission, JIRS is an extensive, interconnected and hyperlinked resource that contains case summaries, case law, legislation, sentencing principles, sentencing statistics and other reference material. JIRS whas been developed for judicial officers, the courts, the legal profession and government agencies that play a role in the administration of justice. It is our principal means for communicating changes in the criminal law and ensures that users are kept informed of the latest developments in law and practice.


The database was the first of its kind in Australia and is recognised as a world leader in the field of computerised legal databases.


JIRS contains primary and secondary legal reference material as well as research material and sentencing statistics.

  • Primary legal reference material
  • Secondary legal reference material
  • Research material and sentencing statistics

The primary legal reference material contained on JIRS includes the full text of judgments from the High Court, NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Land and Environment Court and Industrial Relations Commission, as well selected judgments from the NSW District Court, Local Court and Children’s Court of NSW. It also includes point-in-time and current NSW and Commonwealth Acts and subordinate legislation.

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The secondary legal reference material includes case summaries in the form of NSW Court of Criminal Appeal summaries and case and legislation digests, commentary on the principles and practice of sentencing, and publications, such as bench books and handbooks.

The function of the bench books is to provide guidance for judicial officers, however, their general publication enables them to serve as resources for all legal practitioners and others who seek a better understanding of the legal principles and practice in NSW. It is hoped their general publication will enhance the contribution of the bench books to the efficient administration of justice.

Recent Law items include commentary on legislation, court decisions (primarily from the Court of Criminal Appeal) and other developments, relating to the criminal law as it affects the work of NSW courts.

Law books and tablet showing JIRS

Quantitative reference material is available in the form of comprehensive and dynamic sentencing statistics, which provide a guide to the pattern of sentences imposed by the courts for criminal offences and are located by reference to the sections of relevant legislation. The sentencing statistics allow investigation of various case characteristics which may form the basis of relevant comparative material by drilling down to a table of case details showing summary information of related cases and links to judgments where they are available.

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Legal professional? Subscribe to JIRS

Stay up-to-date with the latest in jurisprudence and get knowledge at your fingertips for all areas of law.

Benefits of a paid subscription

  • Sentencing information
  • Legislation
  • Bench books
  • Judgments
  • Case summaries/case and legislation digests

Sentencing statistics

Access to sentencing statistics from the NSW Local, District and Supreme Courts, Court of Criminal Appeal, Children’s Court and Land and Environment Court.

Sentencing date calculator

Access to a bespoke calculator designed to assist in avoiding calculation errors in back-dating or forward-dating single, multiple (“Pearce”), or aggregate (s 53A Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 (NSW)) sentences.


Access to point-in-time and current NSW and Commonwealth Acts and subordinate legislation.

Hyperlinked references

Hyperlinked references from provisions to relevant material including sentencing statistics, bench books, recent law, case summaries, maximum penalties and offence packages which include a compilation of information from JIRS pertaining to the offence.

Defined terms

Comprehensive compilation of defined terms found in the legislation.

Hyperlinked references to text of judgments


Hyperlinked references to point-in-time and current NSW and Commonwealth legislation.

Full text of judgments

Access to full text of judgments including from the High Court, NSW Court of Criminal Appeal, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Land and Environment Court, and Industrial Relations Commission, linked to Bench Book and case digest commentary where applicable.

Access to NSW Court of Criminal Appeal summaries and case and legislation digests

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Cup of coffee and calculator

Subscriptions and invoicing

  • New subscribers
  • Existing subscribers

Arrange for a subscription

To arrange for a subscription please contact the Judicial Commission at email or phone.


+61 2 9299 4421


Invoices are processed in advance on 1 July each year, and are payable within 30 days.
New subscriber invoices, on a pro rata basis, are also payable within 30 days.

For any subscription enquiries, please contact us.

Subscription rates

Subscriptions start on 1 July until 30 June. New subscribers commencing after 1 July will be on pro rata basis for the remaining period of the financial year.

Rates per organisation/chambers

1–2 users
$1,851p.a. plus GST
3–5 users
$2,434p.a. plus GST
6–10 users
$3,130p.a. plus GST
More than 10 users
$3,942p.a. plus GST

Multiple user connection

Multiple user connection
$3,942p.a. plus GST


Cancellation must be in writing, with emails being acceptable evidence of a request to cancel a subscription. If cancelled within the first 45 days, a full credit is granted. After the first 45 days, a pro rata credit will be issued for the unused period to 30 June.


JIRS testimonials

Thank you for your demonstration of JIRS. I like the new features including the fact that you can track judgments that have just been published.

MagistrateNovember 2023

Having worked for the Aboriginal Legal Service in Newcastle for years, I found that access to JIRS was one of my most significant legal resources.

SolicitorJune 2023

There is no doubt that JIRS (and the range of other electronic facilities available for Judges in this State) constitute the benchmark in Australia.  I would not have been able to perform my duties as a Judge effectively without access to these invaluable resources.

Supreme Court JusticeJune 2022

I rely on the JIRS Bench Books and other resources every minute of every working day – such wonderful, practical, up to date and extensive resources!

MagistrateMarch 2022

The JIRS Resources app is available on the App Store and on Google Play

Select information from JIRS is freely available to the broader legal profession and the public on the JIRS Resources app.

The app provides an updating content feed of recent legal developments (case law and legislation) in the NSW and Commonwealth jurisdictions. In addition, the app allows the user to manage personal copies of the electronic versions of our bench books and access selected pieces of legislation.

This app is designed to be of use for judicial officers, lawyers and police prosecutors, as well as law students from NSW, particularly when working in locations where there is limited internet access available.

JIRS Resources app