• Introduction
  • Continuing judicial education
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Judicial education

Our judicial education program promotes high standards of judicial performance and keeps judicial officers up to date with legal developments and community values.

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Judicial education

Continuing judicial education

The NSW public expects judicial officers to be impartial, independent and perform to the highest professional standard. Judicial officers come to their role as highly-skilled professionals so our program is designed to assist in their transition to the role as an impartial adjudicator. From there, we aim to continuously renew judicial skills and values and provide information about changes to the law, court procedure and community values.

Current projects

Coercive control reforms

Coercive control is expected to become an offence relating to abusive behaviour towards current and former intimate partners in mid-2024 following the commencement of the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Coercive Control) Act 2022 (assented to 23/11/2022). The Act followed recommendations of a NSW Parliamentary Joint Select Committee, established in October 2020, that coercive control be criminalised on the basis that current laws do not provide adequate protection for victims. 

The Commission is providing educational resources for judicial officers regarding these reforms.


The Judicial Commission will conduct education sessions for judicial officers and update relevant publications regarding current and upcoming reforms during 2024.

Current projects

Child Sexual Offence Evidence Program (CSOEP)

The Criminal Procedure Amendment (Child Sexual Offence Evidence) Act 2023 amends the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 to require child witnesses to give pre-recorded evidence in “prescribed sexual offence proceedings”, in the District Court wherever sitting. The new provisions commenced on 29 January 2024. The Program aims to reduce the stress, distress and trauma of the trial process for child sexual offence complainants and child witnesses giving evidence. The Program includes the use of witness intermediaries to facilitate the best evidence and court processes which enable the prerecording of evidence at the earliest opportunity. 

The Commission is providing educational resources for judicial officers regarding CSOEP.

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