Annual Report 2014-15

Annual Report 2014-15

Our annual report informs judicial officers, our partners, staff, and the community about the Judicial Commission’s performance and programs in the 2014-15 financial year.

The Judicial Commission is a vital institution that helps safeguard public confidence in the judiciary. Both through the handling of complaints and the running of ever extensive education and research projects, the Commission ensures the judiciary is accountable and informed. This year’s report is a detailed and comprehensive summary of the Commission’s activities in furthering those ends and highlights some of the achievements of the Commission in its key areas of education, research and complaint handling.

Highlights of the year include:

  • an education campaign to educate judicial officers about major changes to the bail regime introduced in January 2015 following a government review
  • publication of a major research study on cross-jurisdictional comparison of sentencing levels and the use of full-time imprisonment for serious offences throughout Australia
  • increased use of our online information with usage of the Judicial Information Research System exceeding 150,000 hits in a single month for the first time in March 2015
  • delivery of a highly regarded community awareness program on the work of judicial officers and the courts
  • sharing our expertise and experience with magistrates in Papua New Guinea through delivering the Magistrates’ Orientation Program in Port Moresby
  • high staff satisfaction: 93% of our people were positive about working at the Commission
  • a 52% increase in investment in staff learning and development through training.

For more information, see the full Annual Report 2014–2015 available to download as a pdf version (9.6 MB).