Upcoming education events


  • Drug Court of NSW Practitioners’ Conference                                                           The Drug Court of NSW is convening a conference for its partners and associates to raise awareness about the role of the Court in the criminal justice system and to enhance the expertise of our program partners. This one-day conference for Drug Court practitioners will enable participants to explore a range of issues relating to the Drug Court as well as provide an opportunity to hear from key relevant experts, and to meet and learn from other partners in the Drug Court program.
  • Local Court of NSW Northern Regional Conference                                                   This residential program for magistrates from northern NSW facilitates the development of judicial knowledge and skills. It will provide practical information on a range of matters relevant to the work of the Local Court including coronial updates, current issues  in  the  Children’s  Court,  AVOs  and  bail,  evidence,  mental  illness  defence  and  more.  These  interactive  sessions encourage peer-based learning through discussion and problem-solving.
  • District Court of NSW Annual Conference                                                                   A two-day program tailored to the educational needs of District Court judges. It includes sessions on important developments in the Court of Appeal and Court of Criminal Appeal, judicial stress and well-being, experts reports: admissibility issues, torts claims arising from the conduct of police, intervention programs — Indigenous offenders, summary of available programs, Miranda program, Balund-a, ex-tempore judgments, forensic document examination, and parole and State Parole Authority.
  • Supreme Court of NSW Seminar: JIRS Research                                                      The Commission’s Director, Research and Sentencing, Mr Hugh Donnelly, will conduct an instructional session on how to use the Judicial Information Research System (JIRS) effectively. The session will provide participants with quick tips on how best to find the law by accessing either primary or secondary material.