Upcoming education events


District Court of NSW Annual Conference A two-day program tailored to the educational needs of District Court judges. It includes sessions on important developments in the Court of Appeal and Court of Criminal Appeal, judicial stress and well-being, experts reports: admissibility issues, torts claims arising from the conduct of police, intervention programs — Indigenous offenders, summary of available programs, Miranda program, Balund-a, ex-tempore judgments, forensic document examination, and parole and State Parole Authority.

Supreme Court of NSW Seminar: JIRS Research The Commission’s Director, Research and Sentencing, Mr Hugh Donnelly, will conduct an instructional session on how to use the Judicial Information Research System (JIRS) effectively. The session will provide participants with quick tips on how best to find the law by accessing either primary or secondary material.

Land and Environment Court of NSW Seminar: Recent Developments in the Law of Evidence Mr Stephen Odgers SC of Forbes Chambers will discuss recent significant developments in the law of evidence.

District Court of NSW Seminar: Clean Slate Without Prejudice Local Area Commander Luke Freudenstein and Shane Phillips will discuss the Clean Slate Without Prejudice program and other crime prevention initiatives in the Redfern area. The  Clean  Slate  Without  Prejudice  program,  run  jointly  by  the  Redfern  Local  Area  Command  and  the  Tribal  Warrior Association, is an innovative program bringing Indigenous youth and police together in a context removed from crime. The program aims to break down barriers and develop relationships and respect through a range of strategies including early intervention, developmental crime prevention, support networking and behavioural workshops. This session will also provide information on the impact of the program on the community and local youth crime statistics.

Cross-jurisdictional Seminar: Reforming the Justice System: the Alchemy of Data, Leadership and Synergy Justice Rebecca Love Kourlis is the Executive Director of the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS).  IAALS is a national, independent research center dedicated to facilitating continuous improvement and advancing excellence in the American legal system. Founded in 2006 in response to concerns about the American legal system, IAALS focuses on the development and application of innovative solutions for problems facing the courts and profession by working with national experts and groups. As a part of a major research university, IAALS conducts comprehensive analysis, including original empirical and legal research; and also compiles existing research. Justice Kourlis will discuss some of the Institute’s work, including research into judicial evaluation. She will also address current issues of concern such as recent moves to limit judicial independence, attacks on the judiciary and their impact on the balance of powers.