Upcoming education events


  • Land and Environment Court of NSW Seminar: Climate Change Litigation
    As one of the developed countries feeling the earliest effects of climate change, Australia has been at the forefront of litigation over limiting greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to impacts. Australia has seen more climate-related cases than any
    jurisdiction in the world other than the United States, and has led the world in cases addressing adaptation concerns. To date, most cases in Australia have focused on local and state-based land use and environment questions, either regarding coal-fired
    power plants or community development choices. The existence of specialized environmental courts and planning tribunals at State level has encouraged the litigation’s more local focus; unlike the United States, Australia lacks a comprehensive
    environmental statutory regime at the federal level with strong third party enforcement provisions However, as innovative forms of litigation emerge around the world, such as the Dutch Urgenda case and Pakistani adaptation case, questions arise over how Australian climate change litigation might develop in the future. What lessons can it learn from other jurisdictions? What forms might a “next generation” of climate litigation take? This seminar will focus on addressing those issues, considering pathways for the future based on Australia’s past approaches and legal system and comparisons with other jurisdictional approaches.
  • Local Court of NSW Magistrates’ Orientation Program: This five-day residential program assists recently-appointed magistrates with their transition to judicial office, with a focus on knowledge and fundamental judicial skills about court craft, decision-making, sentencing, judicial administration and judicial conduct.