Current projects

  • A Cultural diversity online training package is expected to be released in 2017

In partnership with other Australian judicial education providers, we are developing online training modules on cultural diversity for judicial officers, for release by the end of 2017. The training package has been broken down into the following modules:

  1. Cultural awareness
  2. Australian multiculturalism
  3. Stereotyping, assumptions and prejudices
  4. Intercultural misunderstandings
  5. Plain English principles
  6. Hard-to-understand forms of communication
  7. Assessing the need for interpreting assistance
  8. Working with interpreters and translators


  • Integrated criminal case system database to be developed for PNG

The Judicial Commission is developing an integrated criminal case system database (ICCSD) for the Papua New Guinea Law and Justice Sector. This follows our successful development of a sentencing database for PNG which is now fully operational.  The ICCSD will be able to track and monitor cases from the point of being charged by the police to the point of dispensation of penalty for all types of criminal cases including appeals. All vital information will be shared among law and justice agencies and be readily accessible through this single source allowing for significant improvement in data quality, currency of information and the way criminal cases are managed.

  • Interactive learning modules on sentencing to be developed

The Commission is developing interactive learning modules on sentencing. These will be incorporated as a component of the Judicial Information Research System and will be available as a stand-alone app.