Children’s Court of NSW Resource Handbook Update 17 published

Care and protection matters

Important cases has been updated. The following cases have been added:

  • Re Lucinda Porter (No 2) [2023] NSWChC 2 — kinship/placement assessment requirements at [3-1000] Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander placement principles
  • Re Malakhai [2022] NSWChC 6 — mother and child living in residential home without support and intensive parenting education program not provided contrary to recommendation of Family is Culture Report at [3-1000] Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander placement principles
  • J & T v DCJ [2023] NSWDC 78 — non-acceptance of key aspects of evidence from an expert forensic psychologist relied upon by the DCJ [3-1200] Experts’ reports
  • DN v Secretary, DCJ [2023] NSWSC 595 — Children’s Court has jurisdiction to make s 90 orders once final care order has been made, or alternatively, by way of construction of s 4(c) at [3-1280] Jurisdiction
  • DCJ and Harry [2023] NSWChC 5 — overnight supervised contact, DCJ and Evie and Grace [2023] NSWChC 1 followed at [3-1480] Unexplained injury.

Practice notes, guidelines and protocols includes new Practice Note 18: Winha-nga-nha List at [6-1190]. This Practice Note relates to the Winha-nga-nha List which is a dedicated court list for Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander families involved in care and protection cases at Dubbo Children’s Court and at other courts as directed by the President of the Children’s Court.

Articles and other resources includes a new article by Professor J Oei, “Recognising and addressing the needs of children and families impacted by Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome” (2023) which has been written specifically for the Resource Handbook at [7-6000].

Criminal matters

Important cases has been updated. The following new cases have been added:

  • R v GW [2023] NSWSC 664 — unacceptable risks can be ameliorated by proposed conditions, service providers are prepared to address multiple underlying issues at [9-1100] Bail
  • R v JR [2022] NSWDC 618 — offender’s compulsive pattern of pornography use exacerbated mental health difficulties and contributed to offending behaviour at [9-1120] Brain science
  • R v Patrick [2023] NSWChC 4 — R v CL [2022] NSWChC 5 followed, jurisdictional limit at [9-1220] Jurisdiction
  • R v CL [2022] NSWChC 5 — determination that indictable offence may not properly be disposed of in a summary manner at [9-1220] Jurisdiction
  • Burton v DPP [2022] NSWCA 242 — s 105 Care Act not invalid for breach of implied constitutional freedom of communication at [9-1300] Non-publication and suppression orders
  • Cmr of Police, NSW Police Force v TM [2023] NSWCA 75 — respondent not entitled to the benefit of s 3A(2)(c)(ii) exception to s 3A(1) Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act 2000 and was a registrable person required to report information to Commissioner of Police at [9-1320] Recording of conviction
  • TM v R [2023] NSWCCA 185 — failure to have regard to youth in assessing moral culpability and weight to be afforded to general deterrence at [9-1340] Sentencing
  • Carreno v R [2023] NSWCCA 20 — applicant’s youth taken into account but given less weight due to extreme violence and significant delay between offending and sentencing at [9-1340] Sentencing
  • Apulu v R [2022] NSWCCA 244 — no error in operation of principle of parity because co-offender sentenced in the Children’s Court at [9-1340] Sentencing
  • R v Thomas [2023] NSWChC 3 — graduation from Youth Koori Court and matter dismissed with a caution under s 33(1)(a)(i) at [9-1380] Youth Koori Court.

Articles and other resources includes new articles at [12-1000]: